New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog

It’s been a while!

I don’t exactly have a good excuse for being so absent on this blog, rather than a list of reasons. The main one is that I’ve been exceptionally busy in my own school library, where we’re operational for the first time in a decade this year. I’ve also had a dip in health, and have been adjusting to a reduction in mobility. In addition, I spent the holidays (usually a time for me to catch up on my personal projects) in Japan.

I’ve been thinking how to better distribute information so that this blog is more usable to school librarians. So, here are the new blog formats and features:

  • Curated Lists of Manga with “Mini-Reviews”: This will be to better acquaint school librarians with a swath of titles with specific purposes.
  • Anime Club Recommended Activities: Activities, crafts, and even recommended viewings.
  • Japanese Culture Deep Dives: This is the feature I’m keeping, and hope to expand upon.
  • Japlanning for Educators: This is for educators planning to go to Japan on trips who haven’t been there previously, or are not familiar with the more otaku-related spaces. I’m actually starting off with this to discuss accessibility in Japan.

I hope that these changes make for a more useful resource in the coming year.

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