It’s Been a Minute

It’s Been a Minute


This post will not be entirely about manga. It will be about being a school librarian, to an extent. Which is why I decided to go ahead and put it here before pushing forward.

In March of this year, I was actually getting ready to really ramp up my work on manga in school libraries. I had a lot of plans. I actually joined the staff of No Flying No Tights. Until this year, I’ve never had a problem with deadlines. I’ve been an editor before and I am usually early with deadlines.

That was until COVID-19 hit NYC like a freight train and my workload as a school librarian went up exponentially. Like most of my colleagues, after March 13th, I was pulling 19 hour days. As an expert on digital resources and multiple literacies, I was needed in ways I’d never been needed before. I was vetting hundreds of digital resources that were suddenly free. I was running tech support for teachers who had never used Google Classroom and who had thought they would never need to learn. I was setting up Discord servers and D&D sessions and virtual club meetings and author visits.

So, my personal passion project took a backseat. I didn’t read anything other than terms of service and webpages for a couple months.

Then the summer came, and the work didn’t stop. And I worked. And I joined advocacy groups, because I’ve learned in the midst of this to push for recognition for all of this work I’m doing. I had a little more free time, so I started picking up things to read again, but my ability to output a review or write anything about manga was pretty much toasted.

And it’s been like that until basically this past week. I’m tired, but I’m finally finding balance. Who knows what sort of legislation or nonsense will be thrown my way within the next few days, but I’ve been reading and I’m ready to get back in the swing, slowly. My hiatus is going to end, and I’m going to work on actually pumping out content here, and upholding my responsibilities elsewhere. I’m actually considering a shift to video content, because it may ultimately be easier for me to talk to the camera right now if I can muster the inner strength to see myself on a screen.

Like everyone else, I’ve had my successions of mini burnouts. I’ve also been dealing with some medical situations that were exacerbated by the stress, but that’s balancing out with the help of my neurologist, which is why I feel like I can commit to some personal projects now. I won’t be setting a timeline, because most likely I’m going to work as time allows and log a lot of work during the holidays.

All I can say is thank you all for your patience with me.


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