Manga Collection Development for Librarians: The Basics

A quick look at the basics of manga collection development!


  • Manga Review: Cat + Gamer

    Title: Cat + Gamer (猫暮らしのゲーマーさん, Nekogurashi no Gēmā-san) Mangaka: Wataru Nadatani US Publisher: Dark Horse Status: Ongoing Age Relevance: Elementary & Up How Essential Is It?: Must Have (According to Me) Curricular Connections?: Independent reading. Reader’s Advisory Tags: Video games, cats, female protagonists, humor. Content Warnings: None! Publisher Synopsis: Riko, a twenty-nine-year-old office worker with an obsession for video games, finds […]


  • Light Novel Collection Development

    Light novels or ライトノベル (raito noberu) are a type of young adult novel from Japan that primarily target middle and high school students. In contrast to manga, which are graphic novels, light novels are prose novels that have key scenes illustrated in a manga style. In the past few years, thanks to the efforts of […]


  • Back to School Title List Updates!

    I’ve spent some time updating my most utilized lists to include more titles. Here are all of them: Children’s (Elementary) Titles Manga & Light Novels for Middle School (6-8) High School Manga Recommendations Light Novel Recommendations LGBTQ+ Manga For Secondary Manga Available in Hardcover Manga for Adult Readers Manhwa In Print Or Coming to Print […]


  • Manhwa Collection Development: Korean Webtoons On the Rise

    Manhwa is quite simply the Korean word for comics, but it is a format that is steadily on the rise. It’s quite easy for outsiders to simply consider manhwa to be “colorized manga” but to do so really misses that there are marked differences in the two formats. It also disrespects the cultural differences between […]


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