Other Useful Resources

These are blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels which can be useful in finding out more about particular titles or about Japanese culture.

Shojo & Tell: Ashley McDonnell tackles famous shoujo/shojo titles with various guests, and does in-depth breakdowns of popular titles. The first part of the podcast is typically a breakdown of the basic premise, which is then followed by an in-depth discussion. The show does a great job of tackling various issues, and the initial part of the podcast may be useful in learning about basic premises. It also can be a way to get students thinking more deeply about their reading.

One Panel Later: A podcast by two librarians who are into comics and manga, and give comprehensive looks at each medium. If you lean heavily one way or the other, this is a great bridge, and they give a lot of reviews and recommendations.

Manga Bookshelf: A website featuring reviews of manga. It started as just a network of manga review blogs, but has grown to encompass coverage of anime adaptations, gaming, films, live-action dramas, online fandom, Korean manhwa, Chinese manhua and more. While geared more toward collectors and fans of the medium, it’s a useful tool for librarians looking to get an idea of what’s available.

Daiyamanga: Another website featuring a wide range of manga reviews. The reviews also cover a wide range of currently out of print titles, which can be useful for weeding considerations or if you receive donations of collections.