Other Useful Resources

These are blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels which can be useful in finding out more about particular titles or about Japanese culture.

ALA Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable: ALA’s resource for all things graphics. If you are heavily involved in selecting graphic novels and manga, you should check out the GNCRT’s work.

Anime Feminist: This site focuses on anime and manga through a feminist lens. 

Anime News Network: The ultimate source for all anime and manga news. 

But Why Tho Podcast: An outstanding source for manga and anime news. 

Crunchyroll: The premiere location for anime streaming and a rising news source for anime and manga news. 

Daiyamanga: Another website featuring a wide range of manga reviews. The reviews also cover a wide range of currently out of print titles, which can be useful for weeding considerations or if you receive donations of collections.

Kinokuniya : A Japanese bookseller with US outposts with highly knowledgeable staff.

Kodansha: Manga publisher. 

Manga Bookshelf: A website featuring reviews of manga. It started as just a network of manga review blogs, but has grown to encompass coverage of anime adaptations, gaming, films, live-action dramas, online fandom, Korean manhwa, Chinese manhua and more. While geared more toward collectors and fans of the medium, it’s a useful tool for librarians looking to get an idea of what’s available.

Manga in Libraries: The Manga in Libraries webinar series is sponsored by the New York City School Librarians’ Association and the American Library Association’s Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table. The Manga in Libraries webinar series is hosted by Jillian Ehlers, a certified school librarian and the Japanese Culture & Manga Cooperative Collection Development librarian for the New York City Department of Education.

Mangasplaining: Podcast focusing on individual series with in-depth analyses. A great resource for finding out about up and coming series as well as classics you may have missed.

Manga Test Drive: Manga review site.

Momma Luvs Manga: Manga reviewer and YouTuber Aisha Soleil provides honest reviews and analysis. She also co-hosts podcasts on yaoi and yuri.

No Flying No Tights: Review site focused on providing guidance to educators.

One Panel Later: A podcast by two librarians who are into comics and manga, and give comprehensive looks at each medium. If you lean heavily one way or the other, this is a great bridge, and they give a lot of reviews and recommendations. (Note: This podcast is now discontinued, but past episodes are still a good resource.)

Otaku USA: Magazine on anime and manga. 

Shojo & Tell: Ashley McDonnell tackles famous shoujo/shojo titles with various guests, and does in-depth breakdowns of popular titles. The first part of the podcast is typically a breakdown of the basic premise, which is then followed by an in-depth discussion. The show does a great job of tackling various issues, and the initial part of the podcast may be useful in learning about basic premises.

Shojo Beat : Manga publisher.

Shonen Jump: Manga publisher.

The Graphic Library: School librarian Sara Smith reviews comics and manga with depth and clarity with an outlook toward collection development. A perfect resource for school librarians!

Viz Media: Manga publisher.  

Yatta-Tachi: Manga reviewer.

Yen Press: Manga publisher.